As a travel photographer, you don’t need just any camera gear—you need the camera gear that will let you scale the highest mountains, dive the deepest oceans, and brave the steepest cliffs and still take great pictures. But bringing all of your photography equipment with you on a trip can be bulky and expensive. Here’s a look at some of the latest and greatest equipment for travel photographers.

Ape Case Converta-Pack

For a photographer on the go, the Converta-Pack is a must-have. A full-size backpack, belt pack, and camera case in one, theConverta-Pack stores all the camera equipment you need in one place. It holds two camera bodies, two flashes, and three additional lenses.

About $99.00;








GoPro Chest Mount Harness

Perfect for outdoor photography, the chest mount harness allows you to carry your camera securely while climbing, biking, or skiing. The harness is compatible with most GoPro quick-release cameras.


Photo Credit: GoPro 







The Pod

Sick of bulky tripods? Try the Pod. A handy alternative to a tripod, these flexible bean bags have built-in mounting bolts. The Pod acts as a stabilizer and a tripod in one. With six different models, there’s a Pod to fit every camera.

$18.99 to $54.99;


From $20;



—Erin Jones