Winter 2020 Staff

Madeline Dewsnup

Managing Editor

Major/Minor: Editing and publishing major, family life minor
Hometown: Anniston, Alabama
Favorite Vacation Experience: My family and I took a trip to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. Beach vacations are my favorite, and I loved traveling around the town on cute city bikes and eating ice cream for every meal. I cherish the memories my family and I created together over that week.
Dream Travel Location: Alaska or Greece
Best Part about Traveling: While I love taking a break from life, exploring other cultures, and eating local pastries, my favorite part of traveling is coming back home. Being abroad makes me appreciate and recognize my own home as a type of paradise.
Favorite Part of Editing: Editing is like a puzzleI love piecing together punctuation and words to create a finished piece. It’s also very satisfying to help an author put their thoughts into words.

Ashley Evans

Assistant Managing Editor

Major/Minor: Editing and publishing major, business minor
Hometown: Tremonton, UT
Favorite Vacation Experience: Visiting Budapest, Vienna, and Prague
Dream Travel Location: Pasta-eating tour in Italy 
Best Part about Traveling: Eating the local food and exploring urban areas
Favorite Part of Editing: I love making things more concise.

Sonja Mecham

Assistant Managing Editor

Major/Minor: Linguistics major, editing, French, and Arabic minors
Hometown: Middlebury, Vermont
Favorite Vacation Experience: Visiting Israel and exploring religious sites
Dream Travel Location: Scotland
Best Part about Traveling: Being outside and eating good food
Favorite Part of Editing: Making sentences easier to read!

Beverly Unrau

Design Team Lead

Major/Minor: Editing and publishing major, communications and business minors
Hometown: Orem, Utah
Favorite Vacation Experience: Taking a week to travel to San Diego with my family and seeing a bunch of cool things on the way
Dream Travel Location: Petra
Best Part about Traveling: Lots of down time to read in the car

Favorite Part of Editing: The satisfaction of fine-tuning writing to communicate something clearly

Jenna Palacios

Design Team

Major/Minor: Editing and publishing major
Hometown: Monument, Colorado
Favorite Vacation Experience: Thanksgiving in Austria!
Dream Travel Location: Whale watching in Seward, Alaska
Best Part about Traveling: Unplugging from everything and just focusing on being where I am

Favorite Part of Editing: I love catching misspelled words! They try so hard to be sneaky. I also love finding the one word that fits just right.

Marissa Faulkner

Design Team

Major/Minor: English linguistics major, TESOL and editing minors
Hometown: American Fork, Utah
Favorite Vacation Experience: Oregon
Dream Travel Location: United Kingdom
Best Part about Traveling: Having all these new experiences
Favorite Part of Editing: That amazing feeling I get after I finish editing a text

Kelsey Jennings

Social Media/Web Team Lead

Major/Minor: Chemistry major, editing minor
Hometown: Layton, Utah
Favorite Vacation Experience: Road tripping through Germany and, while driving on this little dirt road (while following the GPS),coming across hay bales dressed up to get married
Dream Travel Location: Australia, to scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef and see the Australian Open with my mom
Best Part about Traveling: Experiencing the different cultures including: food, music, and architecture
Favorite Part of Editing: Doing that deep-dive edit,making the page look like it’s bleeding and knowing it will be beautiful when its done

Laura Combrink

Social Media/Web Team

Major/Minor: English major, editing minor
Hometown: Cedar Hills, Utah
Favorite Vacation Experience: Having my husband as a travel buddy
Dream Travel Location: Basically anything and everything Spain
Best Part about Traveling: The feeling you get when you want to stay somewhere forever
Favorite Part of Editing: Being in the groove and knowing that the writing is improving

Kaitlyn Meyers

Social Media/Web Team

Major/Minor: Editing and publishing major, German minor
Hometown: Jackson, Wisconsin
Favorite Vacation Experience: Learning that, if the menu doesn’t specify, a “grilled cheese” is not a sandwich, but a grilled loaf of mozzarella cheese—when in Rome, literally
Dream Travel Location: Prague, Czechia
Best Part about Traveling: Meeting new people and learning their cultures
Favorite Part of Editing: Helping authors put out the best pieces that they possibly can

David “Boo” Ludlow

Advertising Team Lead

Major/Minor: English language major, editing and creative writing minors
Hometown: Boise, Idaho
Favorite Vacation Experience: Slowly wandering a misty redwood forest in Oregon, completely lost, and not bothered by the fact
Dream Travel Location: Middle Earth, specifically Hobbiton…New Zealand will have to suffice
Best Part about Traveling: New food, particularly when it comes from an out-of-the-way shop handled by locals with a passion for food
Favorite Part of Editing: Seeing the finished product

Jessica Mitton

Advertising Team

Major/Minor: English Language major; editing, TESOL, sociology, and global women’s studies minors
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Favorite Vacation Experience: Jerusalem
Dream Travel Location: Scotland
Best Part about Traveling: Experiencing other cultures and lifestyles
Favorite Part of Editing: Advocating for the Oxford comma