I have many places on my travel bucket list. Unfortunately, travel, especially international travel, can take a lot of money. That’s why, two years ago, my husband and I were planning a moderately priced honeymoon to Oceanside, California. We were looking around for flight and hotel deals when I got an email from Pomelo, a flight-tracking company that alerts you to significant deals on plane ticket prices. I checked the email and noticed that there were flights to Barcelona, Spain, for $350 round trip. I was shocked—that’s the price of a ticket to California. Within an hour, my husband and I had booked our flights to the land of flamenco. At no cost to me, Pomelo had alerted me to a time-sensitive and money-saving price drop, and my husband and I were able to travel somewhere much more exciting than we had originally planned. The goal of Pomelo is to help people access the life-changing experiences that travel provides by find-ing deals on flights for you. Pomelo sends you an email with the discounted prices and shows you exactly how to find the deal online. The best thing about it? It’s free.

The Basic Subscription

For people who are living on a tight budget, the free email subscription to Pomelo is amazing. You don’t have to constantly check flight or discount sites because the emails are sent right to your inbox. Pomelo alerts you to domestic and international flights that are leaving from the United States. I was using the free subscription when I found those discounted tickets to Barcelona.

The Premium Subscription

Pomelo also offers a premium subscription as well. It’s $39 annually, which is equivalent to paying $3.25 monthly. With this subscription, the emails come more often, and they contain more deals. Even if you book one flight, you’re sure to save more than $39 on the ticket.

Save Yourself Money

If you are a big traveler and are looking to cut the costs of traveling, try out Pomelo. By going to their website (pomelotravel.com), you can choose the subscription that calls your name. No matter which subscription you pick, the flight deals will enable you to get out of your house and into the world. Pomelo removes the roadblock of expensive flights, allows you to travel the unbeaten and unexpected path, and ignites a passion for finding new perspectives and adventures. After all, Pomelo’s motto is “Live, for a change.”

—Abby Ferrell