Puerto Rico is famous for its beautiful beaches, colorful homes, and patriotic spirit. Now is the time to add it to your travel bucket list if it doesn’t already have a place there. When planning a trip to Puerto Rico, you will likely add destinations like Castillo San Filipe El Morro, Cabo Rojo, and El Yunque National Forest to your schedule. I’m here to tell you about one tourist spot you don’t want to miss: Las Paylas, a natural waterslide located in Luquillo.

Las Paylas natural waterslides are made of rocks that have been smoothed down by waterfalls rushing in from El Yunque National Forest. Located on a piece of private land, the falls can be accessed via a small, mossy trail in the owner’s backyard. Visitors can pay $5 per car or $0.50 per person between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. to access the gate. The owner also has a friendly dog who loves to join visitors down at the waterslide if you’ll let him.

You have two options for going down the waterslide. You can climb up to the top and have a longer, faster, steeper ride to the bottom, or you can enter midway and have a slower, smoother ride. And, if you are the first person to go down the waterslide on the day you visit, watch out! Snails love to make their home along the slide’s path. You will have a bumpier ride as you knock these creatures off their perch into the pools below. As you travel down the slide, be sure to let your body tuck and lean into the curves. The slide‘s path may be smooth, but it’s still made of hard rock.

The waterslide lets out to a long, warm pool that is at least eight feet deep. Once you’ve made your way to the bottom, you can climb out of the rocks on the side of the pool. Be careful, because the rocks are slippery. You can also stay in the water and go for a swim. There are tall rocks at the far side of the pool to jump off of, and submerged rocks all along the side of the pool where you can sit and relax.

No matter what items are on your Puerto Rico bucket list, make room for a stop at Las Paylas. You won’t regret visiting this beautiful, natural wonder.

-Sarah Helzer