Here’s the deal: I’m a broke college student. I don’t have money to spend on expensive plane tickets, let alone on the luxury airport restaurants and lounges. 

But hey, a girl can dream—right? One day, just maybe, I’ll have the opportunity to travel again (post-COVID) and the budget to treat myself during a layover. Until then, I am content to dream of the places I wish I could go and share them with you! 

So, here are five airport cuisine gems* from around the world: 


Gordon Ramsay Plane Food—Heathrow Airport, London, England 

Flying out early in the morning or late at night? Grab a full English breakfast, fish and chips, or a beef wellington to go! Ramsay’s food is world-famous and well worth the experience. With online ordering, sit-down, and takeout options, all your bases are covered. There’s even the express menu: 2 courses in under 15 minutes for £22.00!

So, if there’s any time to spare, go treat yourself to gourmet food in Terminal 5! If I haven’t convinced you yet, the GRPF Instagram surely will. 


One Flew South—Atlanta Airport, Georgia 

Located in the heart of the South, this restaurant is known for its southern delicacies. But even more so, One Flew South is known for its dimly lit, marble-clad, 4.5-star cocktail and sushi bar. Next time you have a layover in the Peach State, hop on over to Terminal E for a break and a delicious meal. 


Top Air—Stuttgart Airport, Germany

Terminal 1 has a unique claim to fame: the only Michelin star restaurant at a European airport! That’s right, you can still dine just fine on your layover in Stuttgart. You can be guaranteed that the food will be beautiful (food competition level beautiful), delicious, and a bit pricey, but it’ll be a travel experience you’ll never forget.


Globe@YVR—Fairmont Vancouver Airport, British Columbia, Canada

Locally sourced ingredients brought in for a fine meal of local seafood cuisine—what’s not to love? Before your flight, relax with a meal in the spacious, classy dining hall or simply pop in for some afternoon tea. Your needs will be met in the middle of Fairmont airport.


The Kitchen—Changi Airport, Singapore 

Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck is the mastermind behind this airport cuisine. This restaurant in Terminal 3 is a must. Dine-in for some classic breakfast and dinner foods and some of the finest local flavors; hot-n-sour soup, potstickers, do I really need to say more? Book those flights to Singapore stat!  


These places only scratch the surface of fine dining in airports around the world. Truly, the options are endless. Next time you book a flight, look at the airport’s restaurant list and check the reviews online to find the next best meal you’ve had. It doesn’t matter if you’re jetlagged and gross, just enjoy the food! It’ll make your travel experience a whole lot better.


*The current status of these restaurants (due to COVID-19) is unknown, so check before you travel!


-Hannah Mortenson