Tourism: Why Do We Do It?

Humans have been tourists for thousands of years now. Since the early stages of civilization, humans have needed respite. At least, that is my guess as to why we tour the world. It is a curious thing though. Why do we like to travel?

I believe that as humans, we generally work hard to create a better life for ourselves and our loved ones. Hard work gradually wears us down and we eventually want and need breaks. I think this need for renewal is one of the greatest influences on our travel desires.

However, there are people who don’t like traveling because it also takes hard work and energy to do so. For those people, a break at home sounds much better than a break in a far-off destination.

I also think that there is something much more impressive about visiting popular tourist sites in person, as opposed to just viewing pictures on the internet or social media. Visiting these sites also helps us relate to others and connect with them better.

I think there are many reasons behind tourism and travel. Whatever the reason, tourism remains a huge part of our lives. Go and ask people what makes them like to travel. Who knows what you will discover!

-Jordan Park