Podcasts have always been my companion while in transit. They not only help pass the time but also educate and entertain along the journey. Here are four podcasts that I recommend for any trip, and hopefully you’ll enjoy them as much as I have.

Black Tapes

Do you believe in ghosts? If not, this serialized docudrama may change your belief in the paranormal. When host Alex Reagan went to interview Dr. Richard Strand, a skeptical paranormal investigator set on disproving the paranormal, about his research in the field of spirits, demons, and ghosts, Reagan noticed a stack of black VHS tapes on a shelf. Dr. Strand explained that these tapes contain paranormal events he has yet to disprove or explain. Both Reagan and Dr. Strand set out to discover the truth about these black tapes, unearthing more than they intended to along the way.

Second Date Update

I personally love a good awkward date story, and this podcast is full of them. Second Date Update is a segment on a morning radio show. It’s set up like this: someone calls the hosts, Brooke and Jubal, and shares a first date story, expressing interest in going on a second date. The hosts then call the other person from the first date and get their version of the first date. The hosts connect the two over the phone so the first person can ask the other person out or talk about how the first date went. This may seem like a cute idea, but in each episode, the first date always goes awry. Some people do Patrick Star impressions while others only talk about their drone collection. Whether you cringe or empathize, these quick, 15-minute episodes are fun to listen to.

Myths and Legends

You remember the story of Beauty and the Beast, right? Did you know that the original tale has monkey butlers with parrots strapped to their heads so they can talk to you? On the Myths and Legends podcast, host Jason Weiser uncovers original folklore, legends, and fables—versions not portrayed in Disney movies. You’ll find familiar stories, such as The Little Mermaid, King Arthur, and Eros and Psyche. But you’ll also discover new tales and characters, like Crystal the Wise and the Viking Arrow-Odd. Check this podcast out to learn about and laugh at old fables and tales that are still entertaining today.

More Perfect

As Radiolab’s first spinoff series, this podcast highlights how crucial the American judicial branch can be. This podcast looks inside the Supreme Court chambers at the tough and controversial decisions made by the nine justices. Listen to the history of the court’s biggest rulings, affecting everything from public safety to juror selection, that have changed the way America functions. Recently, More Perfect has been highlighting the Twenty-seven Amendments to the Constitution. Even if you don’t know a lot about politics, this podcast will help you understand the Supreme Court and the power they hold.

These are just four selections from a plethora of podcasts available to you. You can find all of these podcasts on Spotify, and hopefully they keep you company while you’re on your way to your next destination.

—Madeline Dewsnup