As the longest highway in the United States, I-90 provides road trip opportunities and quirky locations from Boston to Seattle. However, even if you don’t have time for a full-length trip, you can always look for cool I-90 locations near you! Here are just a few examples of the fun I-90 has to offer:

Wall Drug Store: Wall, South Dakota

Starting in the West, South Dakota is home to the Wall Drug Store. Wall Drug began in 1931 and struggled to succeed, as it was the height of the Depression; however, it soon became known as a place of respite for travelers, offering free ice water to all. Today, it is much more than just a drug store: covering over an acre, the store offers a variety of souvenirs, books, jewelry, and clothes, not to mention the on-site diner and ice cream parlor. Wall Drug’s backlot (the Backyard) offers great opportunities for pictures as well as attractions for kids. On your way out, don’t forget to take advantage of the free ice water the store is famed for!
Photo by Tony Webster (cropped)

Photo by Tony Webster (cropped) (License: CC BY 2.0)

A Christmas Story House: Cleveland, Ohio

The Midwest isn’t home only to tornadoes; Ohioans can easily visit the house used in the popular Christmas movie A Christmas Story. The house is open to tours, and uber-fans can even stay the night if they like! Just across the street is A Christmas Story Museum, which displays original props from the film as well as offers behind-the-scenes info on the making of the movie.

Eternal Flame: Orchard Park, New York

In western New York, right by Lake Erie, there is a park called Chestnut Ridge Park only a few miles off I-90. In this park is a beautiful thirty-foot waterfall called the Eternal Flame Falls that flows during early spring. But what makes this waterfall special is the small grotto toward the bottom that has a natural gas spring. If you take a lighter when you visit, you can light the grotto on fire, creating a small flame that will burn behind the falls.
Although I-90 is often thought of as a highway for road trips, it can easily provide smaller day or weekend trips with the unique locations across the country. Try it and explore the stretch of I-90 nearest you! You’ll be surprised what you can find.
—Aubrey Bourret
Featured Photo of Eternal Flame Falls by Mpmajewski (License: CC BY-SA 3.0)