Photo courtesy of Cambodian Children’s Fund

Have you ever thought of helping people while traveling? Nowadays, there are a lot of traveling-volunteering programs that provide people with opportunities to do service while traveling. However, the fact is that while there are a lot of people who need help out there, you may not be able to travel all the time or have enough time commitment to do a traveling-volunteering program. One thing that you can always do wherever you are is help nonprofit organizations that provide aid for children and others in need.

I learned about the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF) through a friend who made his first trip outside of the US last year to come see the kid that he has been sponsoring through the Cambodian Children’s Fund. This program was started by Scott Neeson, a former Hollywood executive, who after visiting Cambodia had decided to help the poor children and people there. Scott Neeson is one of those people that is eager to help and change the world, who left behind his comfort zone and fortunes to create opportunities for less fortunate people. Many of us try to find ways to help to improve the lives of those less fortunate. Traveling can be a great way for people to learn about problems that others are facing and find ways to help; however, we don’t always have to travel to help others.

My friend told me that his trip was extra exciting and meaningful to him because he was able to meet in person with the kid that he had been sponsoring and writing to for more than a year. For me, personally, I always gain more insights and feel more fulfilled when I have opportunities to know and make friends with people from afar. Participating in the service and sponsoring programs like Cambodian Children’s Fund can not only fulfill your desire to make the world better, but also give you lasting and memorable experiences that can help your traveling dreams become more meaningful and purposeful.

—by Thu Hoang