Volcanic Vacations

Must see volcano tours around the world

Maybe it’s the lava they spew, the earthquakes they create, or even the noise they make when they explode with more energy than a nuclear bomb—whatever the case may be, volcanos are naturally intriguing. That’s why you should go on a volcano tour for your next vacation. Here are the volcanos you should visit:

Arenal, Costa Rica

Those looking for a rich, diverse experience with a variety of activities should consider Arenal for their next vacation spot. The tall, symmetrical volcano is Costa Rica’s most active one, although it is currently in a resting phase. It’s hard to find better scenery than that at Arenal. The basin is surrounded by green hillsides where visitors can enjoy a variety of activities aside from the volcano tour. Some of these activities include white-water rafting, horseback riding, bird watching, cave exploring, and hiking.

Mount Aso, Japan

This volcano has an elevation of over 5,000 feet and is home to one of the largest active craters in the world, which measures seventy-one miles in circumference. Mount Aso is a beautiful tourist attraction: farmlands and small towns surround the area, and anyone can take cable cars from the basin to the top of the mountain to view the crater.

While this volcano is as enormous as it is beautiful, it can be tricky to visit. Poisonous gases often emit from the crater, so officials tend to close the park depending on the state of the volcano. If you can hit it while it is open, you will have an unforgettable experience visiting Japan’s largest active volcano.

Photo credit: William Cho, Flickr

Kilauea, Hawaii

While this volcano recently erupted in the summer of 2018, destroying several homes and displacing hundreds of families, the volcanic activity has slowed down since then. In fact, the national park where this volcano is located recently opened, and tourists can once again visit the site. This would be a great opportunity for curious travelers to see how volcanos can reshape and, in this case, even expand entire islands.

Photo Credit: Brian Snelson, Flickr

Mount Stromboli, Italy

Those looking to catch a volcano in action should first consider Mount Stromboli, which is known for having constant volcanic activity. This volcano isn’t the largest one out there, but it does put on a great show. Volcano tours are often led at night so that viewers can see the volcano spewing out streams of lava.


Whakaari, New Zealand

Whakaari, or as the Maori call it, “the dramatic volcano,” is the perfect place for adventurous types to visit. Not only is the volcano known for its steaming fumaroles and amazing views, but it is also known for being hazardous. Visitors are required to wear hard hats and gas masks when visiting certain areas.

Wherever you decide to travel, consider visiting a volcano if there is one nearby. Volcano tours are a great way to experience the natural world as well as to marvel at the earth’s most powerful forces. Most volcano tours come equipped with a wide variety of attractions, so finding something that is suitable to everyone in your group will be the least of your worries. Grab your bags and visit a volcano—it’s worth it.

Written by K.C. Miller