As you gear up for the Christmas season, you’ll probably have your holiday playlist on constant repeat. While this might be the most wonderful time of the year, you can only take “Frosty the Snowman” so many times before you need to switch it up. To add a little more variety to your Christmas tunes, take a listen to some of the favorite holiday songs from around the world. Here are just a few:

  1. France: “Petit Papa Noël”

You may have heard this song covered by Celine Dion or the Smurfs, but it’s a classic go-to song in France. This tune, sung from the perspective of a child, considers Father Christmas’s arrival and begs that he not forget the toys.

  1. Germany: “O du Fröhliche”

This touching song celebrates the birth of Jesus. Johann Daniel Falk, the author of this song, opened an orphanage after four of his seven children died, and after he wrote this song, he dedicated it to the children in the orphanage.

  1. Venezuela: Mi Burrito Sabanero

This catchy song tells about a donkey on its way to Bethlehem. You won’t be able to help singing along (even if you don’t know Spanish) to the continued tuqui, tuqui.

  1. Nigeria: “Betelehemu”

Nigerian drummer Babtunde Olatunji wrote this Yoruba Christmas song that choirs around the world continue to perform. This uplifting tune is often accompanied, not surprisingly, by drumming and choreography.

  1. South Korea: “Snow Candy”

South Korea gives us a change up with this upbeat, cheesy favorite by Starship Planet. If you enjoy K-Pop, this sweet song may just be your next go-to Christmas tune.

  1. Philippines: “Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit”

This Philippine favorite means “Christmas Has Arrived” in English, and the lyrics help us remember the Christmas spirit:

Let us love one another,
May we follow the Golden Rule
And from now on—
Though it not be Christmas, let us keep giving.