The island of Taiwan boasts a high-speed rail network and stately, drivable highways. Though these systems provide rapid and comfortable channels for many travelers, the more daring adventurer may want a richer, more intimate experience with the island’s charming vistas, vivid smells, and strong culture. Those who seek an adventure need only to travel around the island by bicycle. On these “Round-the-Island” tours, cyclists cruise through greenswards of rice, rolling mango orchards, and narrow, misty canyons.

Dotting the island’s bucolic beauty, cities provide riders with cultural and culinary installments to their journey. Popular cultural stops include the Tainan Confucius Temple, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, and the Pinglin Tea Museum. Cyclists will also taste the diverse foods particular to each area of the island—pineapple cakes in Taichung, turkey rice in Chiayi, and beef noodles in Kaohsiung.

This venture is best suited for dedicated bicyclists, as these tours range from 866 to 1200 kilometers (538 to 746 miles) and typically take at least ten days to complete.

Alex Turner

(Photo by Leolyz.)