Google My Maps is an underrated gem for travel planning. Released in 2007 and updated in 2014, Google My Maps allows users to create their own maps.

Here’s the idea behind it: Points, lines, and shapes can be placed on top of the typical Google Maps we all know and love. However, the style of that base map can be customized to show satellite, political, or terrain maps, depending on your preferences.

For example, when I planned my recent trip to Las Vegas, I used a light political base map—I didn’t want all that fuss of extra info from Google’s default base map. Then, I was able to add points with different icons to signify places I might want to check out and refer to easily (Tacos el Gordo = plate and fork symbol). I also added lines to signify the path of shuttles.

The best part is that the maps you make can be easily integrated with your regular Google Maps app, so long as you sign in on the same account.

It’s a simple idea but a radically underused one. So for the trip planners with slightly obsessive tendencies like myself, Google My Maps may just be the perfect solution.

– Katherine Albiston