Visiting gardens around the world is a great way to gain insight into the different cultures and aesthetics of the local people. Gardens vary greatly from region to region, featuring both native plant life and exotic flora, displaying the flowers most valued by the people in the area. These gardens are among the world’s most beautiful, renowned for their plants and designs.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Cape Town, South Africa

Some consider Kirstenbosch the most beautiful garden in Africa, and with its combination of gorgeous flowers and a backdrop of Cape Town’s Table Mountain, it is easy to see why. The garden is a perfect reflection of Cape Town’s natural flora since it doubles as a part of a nature reserve. Set aside by the government in the early twentieth century, Kirstenbosch seamlessly fits with the surrounding mountains’ natural plant life. It is a great look into the natural world of South Africa.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Richmond, Virginia, United States

Once the hunting ground of Native Americans, this picturesque region of Virginia was turned into a botanical garden by Major Lewis Ginter in the twentieth century and is now considered to be one of the best gardens in North America. It features beautiful flowers year-round thanks to the mild climate of the southern United States. The site’s 50 acres include a domed conservatory and many themed gardens, including an interactive children’s garden, a rose garden, and a cherry tree walk. With its wide variety of flowers, it is sure to appeal to any garden lover.

Gardens of Versailles

Versailles, France

Dating from the seventeenth century, the gardens of Versailles are a must-see UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the adjacent Palace of Versailles. The site is steeped in French history, but also draws visitors with its beauty and elegance. This garden is carefully crafted with ornate landscaping and a focus on symmetry. Be sure to visit the palace as well and, if possible, the Fountains Night Show fireworks on Saturday evenings in the summer.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubailand, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This garden is the world’s largest natural flower garden. What makes it remarkable, though, is not its millions of flowers but its location in the middle of the desert. Its surroundings are dry and barren, but the Dubai Miracle Garden features beautiful, intricate sculptures and designs, all made of flowers. It is a rare source of vibrant color in the area, and the designs are often compared to the whimsical atmosphere of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland cartoon. It is a must-visit for lovers of extravagant floral design.


-Alexandria Despain