The only thing that makes traveling more fun is going somewhere you’re passionate about. For me, that’s any and all things geek. I love going anywhere that relates to my favorite book, movie, and video game series, and there’s plenty of places that fit the bill.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida, is one of the best-known destinations for those of us who haven’t gotten our Hogwarts letters quite yet, but I love the entire park it’s located in, Islands of Adventure. The park also has sections themed around Marvel comics, Jurassic Park and, very soon, Nintendo Land. It’s perfect for geeks and nerds of all interests.

For those whose hearts still long for 80s arcades, the American Classic Arcade Museum will offer you free admission to play hundreds of your favorite classics. The museum is located in New Hampshire and is home to a collection of rare, fully-functioning arcade games.

Although none of us will be lucky enough to travel to a galaxy far, far away, it’s still possible to feel like you’re on the forest moon of Endor by visiting the California National and State Redwood parks. These scenes from Star Wars: Episode VI were filmed in those very trees. Just be sure to watch out for ewoks while you’re hiking.

By Laurie Rackham