UDI 818A

UDI 818A

Jumping into the world of drones doesn’t need to be a freefall experience. No matter your skill level, drone footage will heighten your travel experience. Explore the different options to find the drone that best suits your needs.

UDI 818A

If you are just starting out with drone exploration, then the UDI 818A is the best choice to explore the skies. Despite having a flight time of only ten minutes, this drone has other features, like first person view (FPV) and virtual reality (VR) compatibility, that give it an edge that other drones do not have. Compatible with iPhone and Android Smartphones, the UDI 818A can send you live feed so you watch exactly where the drone goes. You’ll also love the altitude hold, a prime feature that helps you gain stability for aerial photos and video. It enables you to learn techniques that pros work hard to achieve. Plan on spending under $200—a great gift for any friend.

Yuneec Q500 4K

Not a beginner, but not yet a pro? The Yuneec Q500 fits both your budget and your desire for quality. This drone has an average flight time of 25 minutes—only three minutes shy of the best drones’ flight times. Add in the extra battery and the flight difference is unnoticeable. The drone travels at a radius of 2,600 ft., or half a mile, which is still about 2500 ft. further than the UDI 818A. Like most high-end remote drones, the Yuneec Q500 has the same camera and video resolution as the iPhone. At only $750, this type of quality is bound to create travel-worthy experiences without breaking the bank.

DJI Phantom 4

One of the best drone cameras on the market and still budget-friendly, the Phantom 4 seems to be the drone most preferred by the pros because of its excellent battery life, range, and quick-release propellers. The average flight time is 28 minutes, but with the second battery, the flight time extends to nearly a whole hour of recording time. The Phantom 4 is top tier when it comes to flying the farthest, reaching up to 16,000 ft., or just over three miles. Forget the shoreline; such a range can climb mountains. Users say that the quick-release propellers are one of the best aspects of this drone. The large drone dramatically shrinks in size with removable propellers, which reduces the risk of damage during travel. At the same price as a 13-inch MacBook Pro, the DJI Phantom 4 is around $1,299 and will be one of the best travel-tool investments you could make.

— Ashley Stevens