I remember standing on the beach, towel and sunscreen in tow, and feeling decidedly unrelaxed.

It wasn’t a beach kind of day: the skies were cloudy and the water cold. It was also a day I just needed some exercise.

I scrunched my lips together, thinking.

That’s when I pulled up AllTrails and found a hiking trail just a mile away.

The AllTrails app is the best resource for travelers who want to enjoy the outdoors wherever they go. It contains information on about 50,000 trails in the United States and Canada and allows users to look up nearby hiking and walking trails, no matter where they are in North America.

Some other features include descriptions and ratings of each trail, hiker reviews, maps, and GPS tracking.

With AllTrails, I was able to change my plans and take a hike in the hills instead of a nap on the beach. Whether you travel by planning ahead or on-the-go, try downloading AllTrails for insider information on everything from nature walks to rigorous, experienced-hikers-only challenges. And the app, just like the great outdoors, is free!