There are two types of travelers—those who want to visit every historical sight and those who are just there for the food. It can be hard to satisfy both the history nerd and the foodie on a trip. But what if there was a way to combine eating delicious food and learning about history while on vacation? This is exactly what happens on a culinary tour.

On culinary tours, travelers walk around a city with a guide who spouts obscure facts and stories about the city’s history. The best part? There are stops along the way where you can eat authentic food and experience the city in a more complete way. It’s even possible to schedule a tour during meal times.

Gone are the days of wandering around unfamiliar sites with a rumbling stomach. Here are a few US culinary tours to consider next time you plan a vacation.

—Hannah Nichols

By Food Group

By Food Group

Sacramento, CA

The capital of California has a lot to offer—both in food and history. On the Sutter District Tour, tourists stroll through one of Sacramento’s oldest neighborhoods—the Sutter District of Midtown. Along the way, you will pass historical landmarks and mission-style churches, and stop at local favorite restaurants. Samples include grilled pork spring rolls, banh mi chicken sandwiches, croque monsieur sandwiches, and chocolate crinkle cookies.

Kansas City, MO

The KC Streetcar Food and Historical Walking Tour is a combination walking and streetcar tour in the heart of downtown Kansas City. There are six food stops on the tour, which include tastings of East-Coast style pizza, chocolate, macarons, and the city’s famed barbecue. This tour takes tourists through the lesser-traveled areas of the city that are full of delicious local cuisine and fascinating history.

New Orleans, LA

By Arnold Gatilao

By Arnold Gatilao

New Orleans is known for its exciting way of life and its to-die-for food. On the Taste Harlem tour, you get to experience the blended culture of the city while learning about its extravagant history and architecture. The food offers a glance into the heart of the city by providing samples of Caribbean and African dishes. This tour offers generous portions of food such as chicken and waffles, rugelach, mafé, and black-eyed peas.

Annapolis, MD

On the Historic Annapolis Food Tour, you will go to buildings that have been around for centuries such as Maryland’s State House and the historic Maryland Inn. You’ll even stop at a tavern that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin visited regularly once upon a time. Food samples include authentic eighteenth-century popovers, Smith Island cake, and she-crab soup.

Portland, ME

By qasic

By qasic

Explore “Port City” by walking down Old Port and stopping at six or seven of its finest venues. On the Old Port Culinary Tour, you will experience old local favorites as well as the hottest new eateries in this historic city. Samplings include fresh lobster macaroni and cheese, New England clam chowder, the original whoopie pie, and cheese from local farms.