You just finished eating dinner on the pier in San Diego, California. The meal took longer than you thought, and you’re tired and feel wary of walking the couple of miles back to the hotel. Do you call a cab? Aren’t those only in New York City? Plus cabs are expensive (so you’ve heard), and you don’t even know which company to call. Then you remember hearing someone mention the Uber app. You quickly download the app, follow the instructions, and get back to the hotel within twenty minutes.

Uber is an international company that is located in 58 countries and 300 cities worldwide. It’s a taxi-like service that helps people get around locally but is usually cheaper than using a commercial taxi service. Uber drivers are local people who use their own cars and have passed a series of background checks. On the Uber app, you can see the name, the license plate number, and a photo of your driver as well as their ratings from other Uber users. When you submit a driver request, the app automatically pinpoints your location and an Uber driver in your area will be able to pick you up wherever you may be.

How to use Uber:

  • Access Uber on any smartphone through the Uber app.
  • Select the kind of car you’d like to pick you up. Consider the different rates of each car in your selection.
  • Wait for your car.
  • Track the Uber car with the app, while waiting safely inside a building.
  • Pay for your ride through the app. Link your debit or credit card up to the app so you can easily pay your bill. There is even a feature that lets you split your fare between you and your friends.
  • Get your receipt in your email.

Remember that you should always be prepared when using a ride share program. Even though Uber drivers go through extensive background checks, be cautious when using Uber. If you ever feel like something isn’t right, follow that feeling.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Uber is an easy, cost-effective way to get around town.

Allyson Jones



 Uber Interesting Facts:

Uber announced its one-millionth driver in August 2015.

Uber experimented with UberMOTO in Paris. It let customers ride on the back of an Uber driver’s motorcycle. The program was discontinued in 2013.

Uber is also experimenting with a program called UberKITTENS. In over 50 US cities, it offers customers the option to buy fifteen-minutes of cuddle time with real kittens. Each 15-minute session costs $30. All kittens are available for adoption.

Uber has pledged to have 1,000,000 female drivers for the platform by 2020. By hosting special driver-partner appreciation events for women, Uber is generating awareness to the opportunities available to women drivers.

With its new UberPOOL carpool program, Uber has also pledged to take 1,000,000 cars off the road in New York City. Uber’s website explains that “when 3 people going the same way combine trips and divide costs, that’s two less cars on the road and a cheaper fare for all riders.”