Fall asleep to soft jungle sounds and wake up to exotic bird songs in a private tree house in the Samana province of the Dominican Republic. At the Dominican Tree House Village Hotel, guests have the chance to experience the jungle from their tree house rooms and to explore the wonders of the Dominican Republic in different adventurous experiences.

At this unique resort, guests are provided with mosquito netting around their beds (a particularly handy luxury in the jungle), electric outlets for their devices, and open views of the forest with curtains for privacy. This getaway offers the perfect setting for relaxation and for time away from the stresses of everyday life while providing the modern conveniences needed to stay in touch with everyday life as needed.


Just on the jungle fringe, a warm, sandy beach awaits. Photo by Liz Saldaña. cc

While resting and relaxing for the week, guests also have many opportunities to experience the excitement and wonders of staying in the Dominican Republic. Guests can zip-line through the rainforest, go scuba diving, take a shopping trip to the nearby towns of Las Galeras or Las Terrenas, or simply enjoy the jungle sounds, sights, and smells from their tree house. Guests can also go whale watching, hike to the gorgeous waterfall El Limon, go whitewater rafting, and take many other adventurous trips.

While enjoying the beautiful surrounding jungle, guests do have the chance to access the Internet at the town just twenty minutes away. There is also cell phone service—enough for use in emergencies and in everyday life, but spotty enough for an excuse when guests want a complete break from daily stresses. The area is also quite safe; there are no venomous snakes or dangerous animals. Aside from the occasional insect visitor, rooms are kept very safe and very private.

Whether you go for a special occasion or just for a getaway from life’s stresses, the Dominican Tree House Village Hotel offers peaceful and beautiful access to the Dominican Republic’s natural wonders as well as exciting excursions for any needed diversions.


—Bethany Hailstone

Featured photo by Churl Han. cc