Red eye

Let’s be honest: red-eye flights are awful. Who wants to sit in an airplane all night when you could be sleeping at home or in a hotel room? However, even though flying red-eye does have its cons, it also has its share of pros.


They’re cheaper. One of the main reasons people choose to fly red-eye is the cost. These flights tend to be much cheaper than flights during regular day hours. By that same token, people can save on a hotel by just sleeping on the plane rather than staying at a hotel.

Faster check-in. If you hate standing in line while getting your boarding pass or going through security, then you’ll save time by flying red-eye. It will also be easier to claim your luggage when you land.

Late night passengers are more tired and less disruptive. If you hate sitting next to annoying passengers, then flying red-eye is one way to shut them up. Like you, your fellow passengers will be tired and would rather sleep. Also, if you’re flying with kids, they’ll be more likely to sleep, instead of fussing the whole time.

More time for your vacation. Think of it this way: By taking a red-eye flight, you’ll have more time for vacationing once you get to your destination. You’ll arrive there early in the morning and have the whole day to explore and have fun (if you’re not too tired, of course).


Staying up late. To board a red-eye flight, you’ll have to wait at the airport late at night, sometimes past midnight. Airports are depressing enough as it is, especially when you’re tired. Also, if you don’t sleep very well in in the air, then the flight could keep you up all night.

The morning after. Along those same lines, if you absolutely can’t sleep at on an airplane, then you’ll arrive at your destination earlier in the morning than you would like, making the first day of your long-awaited vacation a miserable experience.

What this debate comes down to is whether or not you are willing to sacrifice much needed rest for a cheaper flight and if you are one of the many who can’t sleep while up in the sky. If the pros out-weigh the cons, then taking a red-eye flight may be the best option for you.

—Shane Peterson

Photo by Marcin Wichary cc