Snow is falling and midwinter blues have set in; it’s time to make haste to sunny beaches, right? Guess again! You don’t need to head south in the winter to have a vacation. Be courageous and camp in the snow! There are plenty of fun activities to do in a white winter. All you need is the right equipment to keep you safe and cozy. Here are five essentials that many forget to bring on a winter vacation.

Snow Shovel

While it may seem annoying to carry a shovel around while you are camping, this gadget is something no winter adventurer should go without. Snow shovels can dig your buddy out of a life-threatening avalanche, help you collect snow to melt for drinking water, or help you set up a camp area. Many companies make compact snow shovels, so having your snow shovel close at hand won’t be a hassle.

Security Cord

Also known as a “dummy cord,” these clip-on cords will help you keep track of your gear. Attach mittens, hats, or almost any valuable to you with your security cord. You’ll never lose track of your small camping items with this gadget.

Tent Heater

There’s no denying it: winter nights are bitter cold, but that doesn’t mean you have to be. Invest in a tent heater to keep the cold at bay. Just follow the guidelines of tent heater use; you will be able to stay safe and warm all night long.

Wool Socks

These are a must for any winter campout. While cotton socks lose insulating properties in wet weather, wool socks are up for the challenge of keeping your feet warm and dry. They can absorb much more water than cotton socks and will keep your feet dry and toasty even when you’re tromping through the snow.


Yep, you read that correctly. While most people associate wearing sunglasses with summertime, shade from the sun is important all year round. The reflection of the sun on the snow can cause sunburns just like in the summer, and even though winter clothes protect your skin, the surface of your eyes can get sunburned too. If you’re planning to spend long periods of time under a winter sun, don’t forget to protect your eyes with sunglasses.

—Cherie Stewart

Featured image by James Wheeler. cc