While traveling, not everyone remembers to bring an umbrella for the unexpected rain-storm. And locals in wet climates sometimes feel that umbrellas can prove annoying, cumbersome, and hard to dry out. So what can you do to stay dry without an umbrella?

Well, when in rain, do as the Washingtonians do! There is a little-known fact that true Washingtonians don’t use umbrellas; they claim that not using umbrellas makes life easier. They have developed various strategies to stay dry without umbrellas. So if you’re heading to a rainy place, keep these helpful tips in mind.


Obvious, right? But here are some tips that you may not know:

If you’re traveling long distances or in the cold, choose a lighter rain jacket so that you can layer underneath and remove layers as needed.

Buy a raincoat with an adjustable drawstring around the bottom. The drawstring helps prevent water from blowing in and body heat from leaking out.

Look for waterproof items. While water-resistant or water-repellent gear will prevent water from seeping through clothes, they cannot stop all moisture from passing through the fabric. Waterproof items are sure to keep you dry no matter how much it rains.

Rain Boots

Whether they are old-fashioned yellow rubber boots, or fashionable, flexible Hunter footwear, keeping your feet dry is a must. Socks do not dry quickly, and it is uncomfortable to be walking in your own personal puddle. So don’t be embarrassed—break out those rain boots!

No Cotton

Planning a hiking trip? Whatever you do, do not wear 100 percent cotton. In fact, try to avoid wearing cotton at all. Cotton loses all of its insulating properties when wet and lowers your body temperature when it sticks to your body, increasing the risk of hypothermia. Synthetic materials dry quicker and are recommended for hiking in wet climates, rain or shine.


Ponchos may look goofy, but a good poncho can be a lifesaver on a very rainy day when you will be out for a while. They are easy to carry and can also cover your backpack to keep it safe from the rain.

Whether you dress up for the rain or break out your handy umbrella, make sure to stay dry and enjoy the rain!


—Katelyn Bean


Photo by Scooter Lowrimore cc