No one likes realizing in the third hour of their international flight that they forgot to pack socks and underwear. With PackPoint, that will never happen again. 

PackPointPackPoint is an intelligent packing list builder for serious travelers. Available for iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows Phone, the app helps you organize what you need in your suitcase based on trip length, weather, and activities you’ve planned for your travels. The app is intuitive, and it remembers everything so that you don’t have to.

Check the Weather

PackPoint logs your destination and the length of your visit, then checks the weather forecast and climate of your destination, letting you know what climate to pack for.


Build a Custom Packing List

After PackPoint knows where you’re going, it asks a few questions before compiling your list: Are you traveling for business or leisure? Locally or internationally? Will you be flying, driving, cycling? Will you have access to laundry facilities? Who will be traveling with you? What do you plan to do while traveling? Will you have children with you?

Plug in your answers and then access your customized packing list, which you can edit by adding items or removing what you don’t need.


Share with Other Travelers

After you’ve perfected your packing list, PackPoint allows you to share your list with others and tap into the community of travelers who—like you—want to avoid that forgotten-socks-and-underwear feeling.


Benefit from the App

PackPoint really does think of everything so you don’t have to—it even reminds you about flight departure and arrival times and when to do your laundry. For any kind of traveler and any destination, PackPoint is a must-have app.

Kenna Blaylock