You don’t always have to have a particular destination in mind when you travel. Maybe you just want to get away from your familiar hometown to any city that will take you in. 

No-destination flying can be the perfect way to find anew place to spend the weekend. In this traveling trend, the specifics of destinations are irrelevant: the important part of traveling is escaping the tedious routine of your normal life and getting out of your comfort zone. 

Rather than feeling obligated to see momentous and over–photographed tourist sites, you can focus on connecting with regular people living in regular cities across the world. No-destination flying proves that you can find adventure anywhere—not just at the world’s 100 most popular tourist sites.

Several websites and airlines offer ways to find cheap, last-minute flights to locations all over the world. You need only specify a departure airport, a range of departure dates, and a budget—-and these sites will find airline deals that you can take advantage of. Just know that the best deals often last only a matter of days or even hours.

You can also find deals by asking airlines to notify you personally. Most airlines send out weekly emails of their best deals to those who subscribe. If you don’t want a series of emails clogging up your inbox, some sites, like and, will aggregate the best deals from several airlines. These last-minute flight notifications mean that you won’t have to do all of the searching yourself.

A more personalized option than wading through websites or receiving mass emails is calling travel agencies and airlines directly to ask about available deals. Airlines generally have employees with the title of “revenue manager,” whose job is to fill flights that are already scheduled to leave. Sometimes prices are lowered dramatically as the departure date approaches. Airline employees may know about deals that aren’t available online; their knowledge and expertise can save you time and money.

The next time you find yourself wanting to get away from your everyday life, consider giving no-destination flying a whirl. For as little as $150, you could find yourself with a round-trip ticket to adventure.

Nichole Eck