If you ask Atlantans about their beloved city, be prepared for a rapid outburst of their favorite places. Rather than being jealous of their cool hometown, plan your own trip to Atlanta this spring. Here are a few must-see Atlanta attractions that will constitute a perfect weekend away.


The Varsity

Photo by Kevin C. Rose. The Visitors’ Atrium at the World of Coca-Cola museum is decorated with its own pop-inspired art.

The Varsity is the world’s largest drive-in restaurant. Join the throngs of people who have come to love the repeating chorus, “What’ll ya have?” After glancing at the menu, you can reply in The Varsity lingo, “I’d like a Naked Dog and an F.O.”


World of Coca-Cola

Mosey on over to the World of Coca-Cola museum for refreshment. See the pop art collection, a 4D show, a full Coca-Cola assembly line, or an exhibition about what makes people around the world happy.  
► www.worldofcoca-cola.com


Stone Mountain

The summit at Stone Mountain offers a beautiful panoramic view of downtown Atlanta. Carved into the side of the mountain are figures of General Robert E. Lee, Confederate president Jefferson Davis, and General Andrew “Stonewall” Jackson. In the late spring,

you can finish off the day with a laser show, but don’t be surprised when the three Southern leaders ride off the face of the mountain to the accompaniment of music.
► www.stonemountainpark.com

Photo by Atlanta Stock Photos. Stone Mountain offers a variety of activities in addition to hiking.


Fox Theatre

Still want to party out the night? The Fox Theatre features stars on its stage and stars on its realistic sky ceiling—complete with moving clouds. The building exemplifies 1920s theater palaces, with architectural influences from Egypt and the Middle East. The theater hosts organ concerts, musicals (Les Misérables in April), movie festivals, and even masquerade balls.
► www.foxtheatre.org

—Stephanie Smith