Don’t leave the information age behind while traveling. Be sure to pick up a smart phone instead of a travel book for guidance. It will save time, money, and headaches. And it may even keep you from being labeled as a TOURIST.


Fly Delta

Get every trip off to a good start with one-touch check-in and boarding pass retrieval 24 hours before takeoff. With this app, jet-setters can keep an eye on their flight status without navigating through thousands of departures and arrivals on airport websites. Simply scan  
                            the ticket’s QR code (square barcode) at the gate and prepare for takeoff.




Travel diaries are a thing of yesteryear. Instead pick up your smart phone to record your travel adventures. These audio files can be downloaded to iTunes or emailed to friends and family all over the world.



Google Translate

Now passenger and taxi driver will always speak the same language. When you’re abroad and need a taxi, just say (or type) the destination and an audio and a written translation of the request appears in an instant. Important phrases can be starred for easy access.




The cheapest way to get around in a large city is definitely via subway. HopStop finds the nearest subway station, gives directions to it, and offers train service reports to help avoid delays. Assisting tourists in avoiding aimless wandering, this app is available for all major cities in the United States as well as others around the world, including Montreal,
                               Paris, London, and St. Petersburg.


Hotel Finder

With this app, finding the perfect place for some zzzzz’s just got easier—a lot easier.




With this app, you will always know ahead of time when to bring the umbrella along or to leave the jacket behind.




From concerts to outdoor adventures (and everything in between), you will enjoy Goby’s recommendations for cool things to do in the area.




Find the best eats in town and some great deals with Yelp. This app utilizes the GPS in smart phones to identify the closest restaurants. Hungry travelers who have a certain cuisine in mind can read reviews to narrow down the choices. With a simple touch of the
                           screen, users can get directions or make a reservation.  Some restaurants even have deals
                           available when users “check in” to their establishment—now that’s a combination to
                           tantalize the taste buds while leaving budgets intact.


Stowaway to go

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—Sarah Tomoser