The release of this winter issue of Stowaway marks two years since the magazine’s premier issue in January 2010. In the short time Stowaway has been published, it has received two national awards of recognition: a Bronze Award for “Best Editorial/New Publication” and an Award of Excellence for “Custom-Published Magazines and Journals.” 

The magazine has also skyrocketed beyond the bounds of national readership, attracting readers from more than 70 nations around the globe, such as the United Kingdom, Cambodia, France, Germany, India, Mongolia, Brazil, the Philippines, and more.

Perhaps one reason for readers’ interest in Stowaway is its focus on overcoming reservations (pun intended) and pursuing remarkable experiences that we otherwise wouldn’t. Recall the subtle, yet paramount, invitation that each issue carries on its cover: Explore. Dream. Discover. This motto verbalizes one of Stowaway’s purposes—to serve as a springboard for you to find your suitcase and get going. 

As you read this issue, enjoy the places explored and memories shared. But also try to discover why these places are special to those who have been there; and think about what makes a memory so important to you.

For me, what makes traveling unique is the people who share the experience by my side. To me, they are at the forefront of the scene. They are the ones who make the experience have infinite shelf life because they are part of that memory. Every time I see those people and shoot the breeze recounting those good ol’ times, I’m back to where the memories began. Nostalgia preserves our discoveries and experiences better than any photograph. 

So go for it! Take a tour through the architectural genius of Prague (p. 12), learn how to road-trip with someone you can’t stand (p. 62), go on location with George Lucas and see where the Star Wars movies were filmed (p. 76), or go all out and take a year off to travel the world for less than it would cost you to stay home (p. 44). You and I both know you could use a vacation.


Stetson Robinson