Photography courtesy of Elate Restaurant

Good food knows no geographic borders, and neither does its vocabulary. This list of fancy food terms will help diners brush up on their French, Italian, and even Japanese before enjoying a world-class meal.

Crudo: a Latin-based word meaning “raw” in both Italian and Spanish

Filet: a boneless piece of meat or fish (think of the French filet mignon) created after the act of filleting or removing the bones

Hamachi: the Japanese name for a yellowtail fish often served raw in sushi or sashimi

Panna cotta: a cooked egg custard that is flavored with caramel and served cold, often with chocolate or fruit; means “cooked cream” in Italian

Prix Fixe: a French term for “fixed price” used to designate when a predetermined meal is served for a set price

Ragu: an Italian meat sauce for pasta that often includes vegetables (this word doesn’t refer just to a brand of spaghetti sauce)

Sear: a meat-cooking technique (the word comes from Old English) that involves quick exposure to very high heat, sealing in the meat’s flavor

 Whitney Sorensen