Ever since European monarchs began building elegant garden mazes for entertainment centuries ago, people have loved the thought of getting lost in a maze. Corn mazes, the American spin on this European tradition, are located in every U.S. state excluding Alaska. Whether you’re out to enjoy autumn in an unconventional way or simply want to have a blast on a budget, corn mazes are fun for families and thrill seekers alike. Here’s a look at some of the coolest and quirkiest corn mazes out there. Be sure to check what times and dates each maze is open before planning a visit.

Cool Patch Pumpkins

Dixon, California

At 45 acres, this is the world’s largest corn maze. This enormous, complex maze was designed with adventurers in mind. Come equipped with sturdy shoes, a cell phone, a flashlight, and snacks in case you get even more lost than you intended! Be advised that guests under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult if entering the maze after 6:30 pm.


Wandering through a corn maze is one of fall’s best and cheapest activities


Lehi, Utah

Cornbelly’s is one of America’s most family-friendly corn mazes, offering three separate corn-maze experiences. The Kiddie Maze takes only five minutes to navigate and can be enjoyed by even the youngest family members. Older kids and adults can opt for the Haunted Maze, which is filled with spooks and surprises. And if everyone wants to wander together, Cornbelly’s 12-Acre Maze is appropriate for all ages.


Heartland Country Corn Maze

Harrisburg, South Dakota

This corn maze offers a fun and challenging educational experience for kids and families. When you begin the maze, you are handed a quiz with 10 questions about the history and geography of South Dakota. Your goal as you wander through the cornstalks is to find the 10 answer checkpoints that are scattered throughout the maze. As an added bonus, if you find the maze’s secret checkpoint, you get a free treat at the concession barn.



This is one of those times it’s okay to play with your food!

The Corn Maze in the Plains

The Plains, Virginia

Any corn maze is more environment-friendly than a rollercoaster, but America’s first organically grown corn maze has taken “going green” to a whole new level. Each year’s maze is hand-cut into shapes like vegetables and the planet Earth and celebrates the benefits of buying organic, locally grown products. While you’re there, you may want to buy a piece of their famous pumpkin pie fudge to munch on as you wander.


Haunted Corn at Larson’s Farm

New Millford, Connecticut

Are you looking for Halloween fun in a creepy corn maze full of ghosts, ghouls, and other spooky surprises? “Corn will never be the same,” promise the self-proclaimed “tormented souls” who run Larson’s Haunted Corn Maze and Zombie Graveyard. They gleefully refer to visitors as “victims” and warn that their no-flashlights-allowed maze isn’t suitable for small children or people with heart conditions.



—Sarah M. McConkie