Photo By Rachel Rueckert

1st Place


Rachel Rueckert

Sandy, Utah

“This image captures all of the feelings I had about blending and confronting different cultures with my own in Hawaii. It represents the diversity and the many different colors of the world, but also together we complement each other.”

Photo By Amy Vanden Brink

2nd Place

Painting the Sky 

Amy Vanden Brink

Temecula, California

“I took this photo at the Holi Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork, Utah, right at the moment everyone threw colored chalk into the sky. Though it might not be in some exotic faraway location, it’s a testament to the wonderful cultural experiences people can have in their own land. I also think it is a great visual for colors of the world.”

Photo By Jessica Trewartha

3rd Place

Life on the Go

Jessica Trewartha

Provo, Utah

“I loved the contrast of this woman’s dress and mode of transportation. Wearing a business skirt on a vespa scooter shows the color of her personality. The bright yellow wall also makes the red scooter stand out.”