Steps: Photo of Person Walking

Photo by Allison Gardner

I travel to have fun. It might not be the most sophisticated or noble reason to go on vacation, but that’s just the type of person I am. Your reasons for traveling might be different from mine, but the end result is usually the same: get out of the house, go somewhere new, and return home refreshed, rejuvenated, and maybe even a little wiser.

But travel plans rarely work out so smoothly. Complications and hassles seem to appear out of nowhere. For something that’s supposed to be relaxing, vacationing sure can be stressful, even a bit nerve-wracking. Perhaps that’s why some people seldom leave the country, and others rarely take vacations. A little thing called Murphy’s Law always seems to shift into overdrive when vacations are involved. So let’s face it: traveling is a daunting task with plenty of potential obstacles ready to trip us up.

That’s where Stowaway comes in. Stowaway doesn’t seek to alleviate every concern you may have, nor does it intend to impart one brilliant trade secret that makes travel a breeze. Instead, we here at Stowaway share the experience we do have in hopes that you can make your next vacation the best you’ve ever taken.

In the following pages, there’s a little something for every prospective traveler, from those seeking just a few days of leisure to others who want a couple of weeks adventuring into the unknown. Never had a desire to visit Stonehenge? Our look at the mystical location may convince you otherwise. Need help with packing? We have some tips to help you with that daunting endeavor. Having trouble deciding where to go for the coming weekend? We can explain why America’s Rail-Trails make an excellent choice. Think of this magazine as a guide, a collection of stories, and a window into the places you never knew you wanted to go.

So go ahead and peruse the magazine—every little nugget of information you discover can make a difference when you finally decide to venture outside your comfort zone, which you most certainly will if we have a say in anything.

And if you get to the end of the magazine and think you haven’t learned a thing, read it again. You missed something.

Colin Baker